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Social Media

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace have become very popular in the last few years.  I started my Myspace page in 2004.  Back then it seemed like there were very few people that even used social networks and now it is strange if anyone is to say that they aren’t part of one.  I haven’t been using my Myspace account as much anymore.  My Facebook account on the other hand is like an addiction.  Getting on Facebook allows me to have access to the majority of my friends and family members at a click of the mouse.  Just recently my cousin joined Facebook and within two days she had acquired a  network of friends consisting of over 70 people.  It is amazing to know that so many people can get in touch so quickly.  To think that within two days over 70 people went online signed into Facebook and got connected with one person is something that could not have happened five years ago.  I love that Facebook allows people that have not spoken in years to get in touch with one another and rebuild connections.  Not only is it good for reconnecting with people but it also is a great way to just network and meet new people.  There are many different organizations and companies that have joined Facebook which makes it easier to check up on what is happening in these organizations.  These social networks have made my life very convenient.  

Besides using social networking sites I have also used Flickr which allows me to share and look at pictures from friends, families, and strangers.  Being able to get on this site allows me to see what is going on in my friends and family members lives.  Using any type of social network makes life a little more interesting.  Technology continues to grow and change allowing people to do things that in the past was only imagined.


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  1. I really like your page format and name, it was catchy. Good way to incorporate images into your post also, it always adds some extra spice! I too am addicted to social media sites. I do not know much about FLickr, but after reading your post I am going to go an investigate more.

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