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Grammar Girl: Readers Share Their Funny Errors

I recently listened to Grammar Girl: Readers Share Their Funny Errors and found it very amusing.  From listening to this clip and hearing about the embarrassing typo that went out in the Grammar Girl e-mail newsletter I learned that I am not the only one that sends out messages with errors.  After Grammar Girl sent out her mistake she posted an apology on her Facebook page and many of her readers wrote back sharing there funny and embarrassing stories of typo errors.  As I listened on into the clip I realized that many different professionals make mistakes it is not just the average student that can make an error on an important document.   Typos and errors are simple mistakes that can happen even if you go back and proofread your message or work.  There are many simple mistakes that can be made just by leaving a letter out or adding a letter where it does not belong. 

I was surprised to hear some of the errors that people sent in and shared.  From the memo addressed to Virgin instead of Virgil or the message that directed people to the whorehouse instead of the warehouse we  are all guilty of typos.  Some of the funniest errors that were made were typos that had to do with religion, references, and name mistakes.

It would be nice to know if there was a way to avoid these errors but it seems that even spell check does not always catch these mistakes.  Reading out loud and slowly would also be a good way to check for errors.  Are there any other ways that spelling errors or typos can be found or avoided?  Making sure a document is completely grammatically correct can be hard sometimes.   Although a mistake is a mistake it is nice to know that I can find humor in it.


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