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Chapter Two: Becoming a Persuasive Writer

  1. Persuasion was formalized as a concept over 2,000 years ago by the Greeks.  The Greeks also created rhetoric, the art of using language effectively and persuasively.
  2. Communication depends on four elements: a sender, a message, a channel, and a receiver.  All these elements need to be present for communication to happen otherwise there is no communication.
  3. Public relations writers spend the majority of their time writing messages that will persuade others.
  4. There are many factors in persuasive writing which include audience analysis, source credibility, appeal to self-interest, clarity of message, timing and context, use of symbols and slogans, semantics, and suggestions for action.  Paying attention to these factors will create a more persuasive and effective message.

Notes and reading are from the textbook Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, Sixth Edition by Dennis Wilcox.


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