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As I mentioned before blogging has not always been a strong point for me.  The first time I started blogging I didn’t feel like I blogged well.  Needless to say commenting on blogs wasn’t something I did on a regular basis. Now I feel that commenting on blogs is really important.  There is a lot of time that is put into a blog and it is important to know what readers are thinking or how they feel about the blog.  Receiving any sort of feedback is better than nothing.  Commenting on blogs can help a writer improve on their writing.

I like receiving comments but leaving comments was not always an easy thing for me, it still is not.  When I took my Introduction to Public Relations course my blog comments were relatively weak.  I did not stoop down to comments like, “Cool blog,” but I didn’t necessarily leave any comments with substance and sometimes they had errors too.  I really didn’t like leaving comments because I felt that the person probably would not care about what I have to say.  Although I felt that way I have now realized that giving any type of input is good.  I know that I have enjoyed all my comments that I have received even the short and simple ones, so I can imagine that other bloggers would feel the same satisfaction when receiving input on their work.  When commenting on other blogs its important to know what you are saying and that it is understandable.  Reading over a comment before posting is important.  I feel that it is also important to not be rude.  Expressing how you feel is good even if you are disagreeing but don’t be unmannerly. Comments are essential to blogging it lets others know that you are reading.


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