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NewsU Cleaning Your Copy

Taking the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy was a great way for me to freshen up on my grammar and AP style.  I learned that my grammar is not as great as it should be.  I have always felt that my grammar was somewhat decent but I guess with all the technology that I have now I don’t rely on my brain as much as I should.  There were many basic things that I didn’t realize about the different AP style topics.  Taking this course clarified many simple things about style like what to write out in an address.

I was surprised by how much I was getting wrong as I took the little quizzes.  There were simple mistakes that I was making that really caught me off guard.  The course made me realize that I rely a lot on things like spell check.  I was surprised to see that there was a specific way to even write out interstate and highway.  Unconsciously I just write the words out not even realizing that there should be a specific way that it should be written out.  The course even mentioned information about writing out certain numbers and writing out words like drive when writing addresses.  The course even listed confusing word pairs and homonyms which I found to be very helpful.

Although the course had a lot of helpful tips on basic grammar and AP style I would like to learn everything more in depth.  Even though I already know basic things in grammar and AP style refreshing my mind is something that can benefit me.  Grammar mistakes is something that can happen to the best of writers as learned from Grammar Girls:  Readers Share Their Funny Errors.  Taking courses like NewsU really is beneficial to me and others because it is a great learning tool.


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