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Georgia Southern University Unplugged

On February 2 I attended GSU Unplugged.   Eagle Entertainment sponsored this event which took place at Starbucks.  I went to Starbucks hoping to get something full of caffeine and warmth but instead I walked into a Starbucks and was greeted with live music.  GSU Unplugged is apparently a weekly event that encourages students at Georgia Southern to come out and display any type of talents they have.  Unplugged usually starts around 7:00 p.m. and lasting until 9:00 p.m.  Since I had not heard about anything like this I spoke with one of the Eagle Entertainment representatives who told me that Eagle Entertainment has been sponsoring the event on campus for about four years now.

GSU Unplugged has had diverse performers from singers, poets, comedians, storytellers,  and rappers to name a few.  When students come in to perform they have to typically find an Eagle Entertainment representative who adds their name to a list and then the performer has to wait for their turn.  I spoke with one of the performers that night and he told me that it was his third time performing at Unplugged.  The event helps performers build confidence and also get a little bit of experience.   Unplugged is a great outlet for many students allowing them to showcase their talents in a very relaxed and inviting environment.  The live music and coffee with the mixture of friends makes Unplugged a great event.


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