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Super Bowl Advertisements

The Super Bowl is a game that most Americans don’t seem to miss.  When I was younger I use to watch the Super Bowl for the purpose of the game but now I watch the Super Bowl and anticipate the commercials.  Supposedly advertisements during the game that lasted for 30 seconds cost about $2.8 million.  With that being said, I felt like my favorite commercial was the Doritos commercial.  Watching the commercial it started off with the mother letting in the date and as she walks to the back the little boys’ sudden behavior is what made this commercial stand out to me.  The man was being friendly when the little boy responded in a very dominant tone.  The little boy proceeded to slap the man and then he pointed his finger out at him as he told the man exactly what to do.

My least favorite commercial was the Boost commercial.  Usually Boost targets younger crowds having commercials with hip-hop and rap and using their slogan “Where you at.”  Most of the time their commercials are kind of trendy and they are usually current with what is popular amongst teenagers and young adults.    The Super Bowl commercial with the new shuffle rendition just didn’t do it for me.  Here it seemed like they were targeting an older crowd or just being nostalgic to the past but I could have gone without seeing McMahon in a  cheetah print thong.  The fake spray tan on the face was not funny.  Not only did I waste time watching it but they also mention going online to watch the rest of the Boost shuffle which I really would never consider doing.  I felt like this was one of the worse Super Bowl commercials ever.  I really feel like Boost wasted a lot of money on a horrible commercial.  They commercial was not humorous to me at all.


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