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Recently I took the NewsU Lead Lab. While taking this lab I learned many different helpful hints about writing leads.  I learned that when writing an effective lead a person should know the five W’s and a H: who, what, when, where, why, and how.  These questions will let the writer know what the news is and what the story is about.  Putting yourself in the role of the reader or viewer will help write a story and lead that is more appealing for others to read. It is important to state the most important information that the reader needs to know to show what the news matters.

I was really surprised by how helpful the lab was.  I have taken many different classes that require me to write different stories and writing leads was not a strong point for me.  Taking the NewsU Lead Lab helped refresh my mind on lead-writing basics.  I was surprised by how many things I forgot.   The lead lab laid out basic questions to ask yourself and tips to follow when writing a lab.


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