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Chapter Six: Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches

  1. A one-page background sheet about an event, a product, or even the organization is known as a fact sheet. They often accompany a news release or a media kit.  Fact sheets are usually a list of facts in outline or bullet form.  Reporters can use this sheet as a quick reference when writing a story. There are several kinds of facts sheets like writing for an upcoming event, giving key facts about an organization, or simply summarizing a new product’s characteristics.
  2. Advisories are also known as media alerts.  Media alerts let assignment editors know about upcoming events that may be interested in covering from a story, photo, and video perspective.
  3. Media kits are also called press kits.  They are usually prepared for major events and new product launches.  The purpose of the media kit is to give editors and reporters a variety of information and resources that will make it easier for the reporter to write about the topic.  Basic media kits include  a main news release; a news feature; fact sheets on the product, organization, or event; background information; photos and drawings with captions; biographical material on the spokesperson or senior executive; and some basic brochures.
  4. Pitch letters convince editors and reporters to cover an event or do a story.  Publicists spend time researching and finding what kind of pitch would be most appropriate.  Pitches to editors should be brief , to the point, and must raise interest.

Notes and reading are from the textbook Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, Sixth Edition by Dennis Wilcox.


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