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PR OpenMic was developed by Robert French a professor at Auburn University.  PR OpenMic is a social network geared towards Public Relations professionals, students, and teachers who are interested in networking with others.  There are over 6,000 members worldwide and the number continues to grow as people hear more about this PR social network.  This site offers many helpful tips for a person that may be interested or that is in public relations.  Looking through the site I encountered many different things that caught my eye.  I am aware that there are many social networking sites like Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook but PR OpenMic is different because it focuses on Public Relations.  This site allows its members to connect with other people that are interested in PR and it also is a great learning tool.  The blogs are full of insight from PR students, and professionals.  PR OpenMic allows the member blog from the site instead of having to blog from a separate site.  I found that people blog about different things from current PR mishaps in the news to their own personal stories of things concerning their PR career or life.  This site also allows the members to post videos.  With the growing popularity of YouTube it was nice to see that PR OpenMic had a place for members to explore the latest videos that stand out to other  PR enthusiast.  Not only does it have videos but members can also upload photos which are shared with other members on PR OpenMic.  I personally love looking at pictures.  I really enjoyed looking at pictures and seeing all the amazing and beautiful places that others have traveled to.  PR OpenMic is a site that I would highly recommend to anyone that is interested and wants to go into PR.  The site is a handy tool that offers great insight from other PR professionals and students.


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