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Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, Sixth Edition defines infographics as computer-generated artwork that attractively displays simple tables and charts.  Infographics are basically a visual explanation that can help a person understand, find, or do something easily.  The use of infographics began with USA Today and now newspapers nationwide use them.

Although they are used for newspapers, infographics are great for publicity purposes.  It can be useful for a client because infographics can dress things up and give it more appeal. Using charts can allow people to easily compare and see what is going on as opposed to reading things that can sometimes seem more complicated in wording than a graphic.

Infographics can be created by using computers and  software programs like Microsoft Office or PowerPoint or for a more advanced person software from programs like Adobe.  Although many large companies have graphic departments to make infographics for them, smaller dailies do not so they sometimes use the simple colorful charts that they receive.


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