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Podcasts: The Creative Career

Recently I sat down and listened to a PR Podcast called The Creative Career.  In this podcast Christie Maliyackel is being interviewed by Allie Osmar.  Maliyackel works in a health care consulting firm by day but had a passion in writing.  During her job time she encountered many different situations and she told her friends about it.  These conversations led to the idea of writing these incidents down into a book.  Writing this book became her creative outlet.  She still maintained her job and because she had such a passion for writing she wrote on weekends or whenever she was in a leisurely mood.  Fifty pages into her book what started as a joke became a reality.   Not only did she speak about her book but she offered advice for students who were starting their careers saying people should not go into a job feeling like it will be their dream job.  She feels that people are constantly changing jobs and careers and to focus more on the happiness that you receive from the job and the work environment not the actual workload that they are given.

Listening to this podcast or podcast like this can benefit many PR students and PR practitioners.  I feel that PR podcast are very insightful.  There are many different topics that are discussed and it is very convenient to click on a link and listen to a podcast.  Podcast can be very informative.  Listening to The Creative Career was very inspirational.  I was able to hear about what kinds of things other professionals are doing in their life and with their careers.  Listening to the podcast made me feel that anything can happen and even if your career isn’t going how you would imagine it to go there are endless possibilities.


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