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Lindsay Lohan Trouble

Lindsay Lohan seems to always have some type of trouble brewing around her.  Once again, someone is trying to get her back into rehab.  Lohan’s father Micheal just recently called the cops on her according to FOXNews.  Michael Lohan along with the police came to Lindsay Lohan’s to her Los Angeles home last week.  Apparently Michael Lohan felt that Lindsay as well as his 16-year-old Ali were in danger.  He felt that there was a need for an intervention.  I followed this on the news for a couple days and at times I felt that could possibly be a father crying out to his child or could this be a publicity stunt?  He wanted Ali to be removed from Lindsay’s home.

Throughout the years there has been no doubt that Lindsay and her father have had a turbulent relationship.  Not only that but the relationship that Dina (Lindsay’s mother) has with her ex Micheal isn’t great either.  It seems that they both want to help Lindsay but why always pull the press into it?  I might have believed Micheal’s fatherly helping hand if he didn’t show up at Lindsay’s place with police and the cameras ready.  In all this I almost can’t blame Lindsay for being as rebellious as she is.  Who is she suppose to trust? Who has her best interest?


One Response to “Lindsay Lohan Trouble”

  1. I was a huge Lindsay Lohan fan when I was little. I loved her version of the Parent Trap. Ever since the movie Mean Girls I feel like she has gone down hill. When is the last time she was in a movie anyways. I heard news earlier this week that she was dropped from her latest role because they didn’t think she was bankable enough.
    Also, haven’t her and her father been bashing one another via Twitter? I think that is a good example of social media being used for the wrong reasons. Whatever her issues are I hope she can sort them out before it’s too late and i think her dad needs to stop discussing it with the media and try and handle it privately.
    Happy Blogging!

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