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Tiger Woods

Recently Tiger has been all over the news being publicized in every way imaginable.  People are speculating over his marriage and trying to figure out who will divorce who first.   It seems that when Tiger committed to playing the Masters and several other golf tournaments Elin was anything but happy.  To top it off Elin was not happy with his recent advertisement from Nike with his late father’s voice over.

I know Tiger returned after his hiatus playing the Master’s but maybe that was too soon of a return.  Not only did he not win but it also took a toll on his marriage and his image.  Wood’s has always been known for his edge but with all this mess going on with his mistress or mistresses on the side he has had to somewhat revamp his image and offer a more friendly caring face.

Since the Masters FOXNews reported that Tiger has been more focused on time with his family.  It seems that he is now putting more effort into his family but it might be a little too late.  Only time will tell how these choices will play out for his career.


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