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“Smell Like a Man, Man” Old Spice Ad Campaign

This past July Proctor and Gamble launched a great ad campaign when their scantily clad spokesman, former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa went viral. Mustafa’s commercials started on TV showing him doing random things like riding a horse backwards and saying humorous jokes that at times did not make much sense.

Proctor and Gamble is utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in a way that others have not. This campaign began on Twitter where Mustafa appeared on the Official Old Spice Twitter page. He began responding to the questions that were sent to him in personal YouTube videos. He responded to numerous tweets from fans and celebrities like Demi Moore and Alyssa Milano. The campaign went well and Mustafa made over 200 Youtube videos responding to tweets.

This over-the-top personality is making an impression on the internet world. I personally cannot think of any other company that has had such an innovative idea. The concept of the Youtube videos was a genius ideas. It was a low-budget project which required a few props, a bathroom, and a scantily clad Mustafa. Proctor and Gamble has sent out a personal touch to their customers by allowing them to ask the questions and actually receive a recorded message back. Social Media has gone a long way and I am anticipating the next move. If Proctor and Gamble could incorporate their customers into their advertising in such a personal and comical way it shows that there is still more than enough room for change and innovation in advertising and social media.


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