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Funny Baby, Crying Baby, Golf Baby= Money Baby

Lately when I think about media and babies the first thought that come to mind are the ETrade babies. The ETrade Funny Baby Video Campaign has proved to be quite successful for the company. These commercials are very different from conventional commercials because they are very creative and funny. Instead of the typical actors and actresses ETrade use different outtakes of babies who come with a big punch of humor.
These commercials have become so popular that I anticipate and look for them on YouTube during the Super Bowl. It seems that these commercial began receiving notoriety during the Super Bowl. With the attention the financial service website began receiving double the traffic to their website and doubled the growth of their brokerage accounts.
The babies have grown mature adult voices and at times talk with authority and confidence on topics and subjects that no baby would be able to comprehend. It brings a type of appeal to the site and company making it seem possible for anyone to manage their own investment needs. Not only are these babies popular on TV but many of their videos are on YouTube and have received millions of views. I find the commercials to be quite hilarious. ETrade did a great job thinking outside the box and using these funny babies.


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